Glass Ceiling

I saw in a VISSION a glass ceiling exploding up into the sky. The Holy spirit began to reveal to me the heart of Terrorists who desire to hurt this country. If you were to ask anyone what is the worst event in American history, the 9/11 event would be way up the list. The 9/11 attack struck so many chords in the heart of Americans. The commercial planes that were high jacked, and how the people in the planes must have felt; the planes flying into our tallests buildings; the buildings collapsing; all the dramatic sights, and sounds; the sense of vulnerability we all felt ; and of course the loss of lives. Almost 3000 people died. We think,”how could it ever be worse than that”.
We need to realize that the 9/11 event,as terrible as it was, is a glass ceiling. To the terrorist it is all about body count. That’s the glass ceiling. Their desire is to plan events that kill far more Americans than 3000. Their only failure concerning 9/11 is that they hoped tens of thousands would die that day. I saw that their heart is to far exceed the death total of 9/11. I also saw that he only reason the glass ceiling hasn’t been shattered yet is because of the intercession being lifted up by intensely believing Christians. The Intercessors must press in and cry out all the more. Our Govenments luke warm attitude has left us more vulnerable than ever.