Generational Eucharist

What is Eucharist?

Eucharist is the Greek word meaning gratitude and is akin to another Greek word, chairein, meaning to rejoice.

The word Eucharist is now used to refer to a service in which Holy Communion, also called the Lord’s supper, is celebrated.  The service is also called The Great Thanksgiving in many books of common prayer.

When we come with grateful hearts to the table of the Lord seeking fellowship with Him, He is faithful to meet with us and it is a powerful time in His Presence.



What is Generational Eucharist?

Children often repeat the sins of their fathers (and mothers). They may replicate sinful attitudes, prejudices, and/or values, which they assimilate from their parents and other family members. In addition, the parents’ sin usually has hurtful consequences in the lives of their children, causing them to form wrong and ungodly beliefs based on their experiences.

Generational Eucharist is a service written and implemented by Bishop Jones many years ago for addressing generational curses and sins. Participants receive teaching about generational issues, prepare a family tree, pray as a group to break the curses and sins and then receive communion and ministry. We have found that during Eucharist, in the powerful presence of Jesus, is an ideal time to address these issues and we have seen miraculous life altering results.


How can I participate?

Generational Eucharists are held periodically at Christ the King in Selma, AL and at Church of the Reconciler in Fairfield, AL. These are posted on our events page as soon as dates are set. Please contact us to let us know of your interest. If there are no Generational Eucharists on the calendar and several people are interested, we can schedule a service or bring a team to minister at your church.