Fullness of Times… 6.11.13

We are in a season of release – I see in the spirit a dam breaking loose and there being a release of things that have been held back.  The word is the ‘fullness of times’.  It hasn’t been the enemy but the Lord holding things back for a season until we reach the place of fullness of time, the dam is about to break up.  Things that were being held back are not being held back anymore.  God’s timing is perfect in his release.  There are things in people’s lives you have been waiting on, believing for, praying about, and needing a release to happen.  We are now at that time.  You are going to begin to start to see these things be released in a number of areas of your life.  Heb 6:12 says, ‘by faith and patience, you are now going to inherit the promises’.   For some of you it has been confusing and frustrating by this holding back, but God knows exactly what he is doing.  Now the dam is broken, the release is now coming, it is coming immediately on a number of different fronts.