France/The Resistance is Dying Out. 4/19/12

On Wednesday April 11th, the headlines in French papers was about a 97 year old man named Raymond Aubrac who had died that morning in the Val de Grace (valley of grace) hospital in Paris. The hospital sits on the ground of an empty Benedictine Abbey and Church named Val de Grace, built in the 1600’s by the wife of Louis of the 13th. She built it in praise to God for giving her a son after 23 years of childlessness. Her son Louis the 14th became the longest reigning king in European history(71 years). He was so powerful a King that he was called Louis the Great, and The Sun King. France dominated Europe during his reign.
Aubrac was one of the last great French Resistance leaders and fighters to die. He was a great national hero, of which books were written, and movies made about. His story is the stuff of legends. He later became an international supporter of Communist and Socialist Regimes around the world. When I first saw the story about his death, the Lord began to stir my heart and speak to me about the powerful prophetic word He was declaring through this man’s death. This is the world.

French resistance is beginning to die out in The Valley Grace. For too long France has resisted my grace, but My great love never fails. Contrary to the reports of the enemy, I have never stopped loving and dealing with France. My grace is breaking down all resistance. Sometimes my grace may look like judgement, but be assured, grace is behind it all. It may take on the appearance of a valley, but it is a valley of grace, where pride and independence is being put to death. Too many countless hours of unceasing prayer lays beneath the surface of the spiritual soil of France for me to forget about her and leave her behind. She is my Fleur-de-Lis. She is My Beloved. I will not go on without her. Spiritual Abbey’s (Houses of 24 hour prayer) will be reopened all over the France. She will give birth to a new and powerful spiritual kingdom and the Son King will rule. His rule over France will dominate all of Europe. As you sleep My sister and My Bride, my hand reaches through the door and transforms your heart, in The Valley of Grace. The time of resistance is coming to an end.