Foundations 06.16.13

This word has been bouncing around in my heart for the last couple months and was reaffirmed this week through some prophetic individuals and confirmed what was happening was for the body of Christ.  God is calling us to go back and rediscover and dig a deeper foundation. We are all praying for and believing God for a personal, corporate and geographical revival.  It’s like this spiritual house is going to contain revival, but in order for this house to be sustainable – because God is building a skyscraper (that’s how big this revival is going to be), it has be built on a solid foundation.  Not that the foundation wasn’t there before but we need to rediscover it and dig deeper.  The foundation is the word about Jesus.  It’s about foundational truth of Jesus Christ himself who IS the Christian life and the heart of this foundation.  Many people are concerning themselves with deep things, spiritual things, prophetic things and mystical things but the truth is that the foundation itself supports everything else.  It’s the deepest thing of all that God is calling us back to rediscover; the centrality of the person of Jesus in reference to the Christian life and dig deeper into that foundation.  Paul talked about preaching him, not just his death and resurrection but the centrality of Christ in the Christian life.  It goes back to Romans 6:10 ‘the life that He lives’.  That is what God is doing, he’s taking His church back to re-dig the foundation, rediscovering at a deeper level the life that Jesus lives.  Once that foundation is made deeper, God is able to build a skyscraper sized house that will hold this amazing revival like nothing we’ve ever seen before.  God reminded me of a word he gave me years ago in Manila Philippines – ‘it’s like Acts part two’.  Then the Lord said, ‘the sequel will have no equal’.  Because of this word and the spiritual skyscraper to contain this move of God, this foundation – which is Jesus – has to be dug deeper to be made solid.  We are building this house upon the rock not sand, you can’t get any deeper than the message of Jesus.  Christianity is not About Him, Serving him, it is not about This and That about him, but it IS Him.  Christianity IS Jesus from beginning to end, He is the alpha and the omega, He’s the first and the last.  Christianity starts with Jesus flows with Jesus sums up and ends up, according to Ephesians, with Jesus.  That is the message, that is the word, that is the deep thing that God wants us to go back and rediscover and re-dig that foundation – JESUS.