Flash Floods 8/1/11

About 4 weeks ago I believe the Lord showed me that we are going to see a lot of Flash Floods around the world. These are prophetic signs signaling Flash Floods in the spirit that are going to pop up in different places. These Flash Floods in the spirit are going to be brief expressions of revival in localized places. These moves of the Holy Spirit are genuine (yet still low levels) manifestations of Revival but they aren’t the big one that so many are looking and longing for. They are intended to wet our appetite for flood water, so that our desperation level will grow for something more; somethin bigger. The real deal, the 4* revival will spill out into the streets and change cultures in a geographical setting. Even waist deep water is not enough to satisfy our hope and His heart. All of these Of these Flash floods are good and accomplish much, but their greater purpose is to stir us up to believe in Floods and to cry out for and prepare ourselves (through fresh brokenness and surrender) for the flooding waters of the Holy Ghost river we so desperately need and long for.