Fitted Together 6/9/16

I had a powerful encounter with God last in a dream. I saw coming together in kingdom reality things that didn’t seem to fit. There are different schools of thought in the church today and the tendency is to think that your particular school of thought is the only right one, but we’re living in a time when the Holy Spirit is forcing us to embrace all the pieces of the puzzle in a spirit of revelation and humility. Those who emphasize the grace and goodness of God will also be able to clearly communicate and release into others the life of holiness and victory over the power of sin. Grace will go longer be used as a message that says “anything goes,” instead they’ll be a clearer word about grace that has ever been spoken and it’s resounding conclusion will be “everything goes,” that grieves the heart of God, in a life that is radically surrendered to the grace of God. Holy Ones, full of freedom will fill the landscape spiritually. The message of personal victory, and supernatural ministry will be one message. It will be a package deal. Theologians and Prophets will understand each other. The wild at heart, and the wild at worship will walk together as twins. The mystical and the practical will flow like two ears who hear the same things. All the spiritual tribes will rally around The Bannered One, Jesus. The testimony of Jesus will dominate, and orchestrate gatherings of the people of God. I was struck in my dream by the invitation to speak truth in environments where ones particular language of expression had not been welcome before. No more tribal language that keeps us from hearing others testimony of Jesus. There will be a greater release of the Power of the Holy Spirit than imaginable. Simplicity of devotion to Jesus will be the common language. The Bride will actually understand each other, and a unity of true worshipers, who worship in spirit and truth will begin to emerge. Mutual love of the Lamb with be our common ground, and the spirit of judgement will become to impractical to carry around anymore, as the war in this fallen world rages unspeakably.