Fire Sale 06.29.13

Last week the Lord showed me we are coming into a season in the body of Christ where there is going to be a huge ‘fire sale’.  When we think of a fire sale, we think of a store putting on a sale to clear out merchandise but originally a fire sale was for items that were salvaged from a warehouse or a store that had a fire and as a result the store would put all of the smoke damaged products on sale.  I believe the scripture says ‘a fire that never says enough’ and it also says ‘God is a consuming fire’.  We know throughout scriptures there are many references to fire.  It can refer to judgment as well it can be compared to the intensity of God’s great love for us.   When you think of heaven and all the scenes in heaven that involve fire, Jesus having the eyes of fire, all of these things represent His great love for us.

When you think of heaven and all the things that speak of fire they define the intensity of God’s passion and love for humanity.  People for years have been given revelation, whether they are teaching on, or prophets speaking on, the intense passionate love of God.  There has been this word of revelation; God reveals His great love to us so that we can become first commandment people.  The result of the fire been turned is its all consuming because of his jealous love for us.  We are experiencing God smoking people with his love.  That is a colloquial term when someone is really consumed or overwhelmed the result is they’ve been smoked.  God is smoking his people, he’s revealing his great love for them, it is intense and growing so strong bringing his people to a place where they will give away everything in their heart.  It will be a clearance sale of their hearts. They are going to give away joyfully, without any reluctance, in absolute radical and life altering and world changing surrender.

More than anything else that is what the love of God is going to accomplish.  God reveals his great love to us so that in the response to his great love for us we love him back in complete total surrender through extravagant acts of obedience.  The level of surrender that God is looking for in these days as we move closer and closer to a worldwide geographical revival is like a fire sale.  Where we have been in a holy way, so damaged and ruined by the love of god that we want to give away everything, just throw everything at the feet of God.  Like this holy internal clearance sale.  Where things we’ve held back and things we haven’t been able to give away we’re just going to give it all away, give it all to him.  The result will be holiness of heart forming a platform where the divine activity of our indwelling risen savoir will begin to manifest and release Himself on the earth through His body.  Then we will begin to see the harvest of the lost because they will see people radically in love with Jesus.  They have had a fire sale in their own hearts as they see the response of love to love.  They will joyfully see the divine activity of the risen Christ manifesting himself in body of Christ and they will be so attracted to Him and to the lifestyle of a believer.

The one of the real characteristics of this revival, before the harvest of the lost, will be a harvest of the hearts of the saved.  That’s what this fire sale is all about. The intense revelation of God’s love for his people is going so strong that they are beginning to be smoked.  The result of the smoke damage will ruin them for God; they will give everything away and there will be a holy fire sale.  Then God is going to be able to establish a set apartness or holiness in our experience.  The truth is we have often held things back preventing us from being fully be set apart, He is changing all of this.  This is the time our hearts are being set apart, completely, wholly, ravished and ruined giving God the platform where he can manifest His life.