Expelling Israel

The Lord spoke a clear word to me this morning about all this who want to expel Israel to it pre 1967 borders. The territories won by Israel in the 6 days war were given by God in supernatural victory to provide protection form those who desire to annihilate Israel. God also meant to use this miraculously swift victory to put the fear of God in the hearts of all who would come against the Apple Of His Eye.

Many,including our own President are calling for Israel to give back all of those territories and go back to the pre 67 borders. Zion will not be forsaken by Jehovah and he is like a Momma bear who will not tolerate those who wish to forsake Israel by expelling them form what God has given them. Those who do, are positioning themselves to be forsaken. Pray for our leaders that they will support and protect what God supports and protects. If we lose our 3 star rating with The God of Jacob then we come under great peril.