Elul (a follow up to the new season) 8/31/11

Today we enter into the month of Elul. It is the 12 month(last month)in the Jewish civil calendar. Like all of the names of the Jewish calendar,it was broughtnback from the Babylonian exile. In Aramaic it means “search”, and it originates from the word “harvest”. The Talmud says that the Hebrew word Elul can be expanded as an acronym for “I am my beloveds and my beloveds is mine” S.S.6:3. It is literally translated in Hebrew as “I am to my Beloved and my Beloved is to me” the idea being that I am everything to my Beloved and my Beloved is everything to me. Elul prepared the people of God for The Days of Awe that begin with Rosh Hashanah(Jewish new year, and Day of judgement, sunset September 28)through Yom Kippur(Day of Atonement, sunset October 8). It is a season of repentance and searching and harvesting the heart of God. It is much like lent. Prophetically it is a time to prepare our hearts in this 11th hour for all that God longs to do. This word has been given by so many prophetic people. I believe the clock strikes twelve on 12/11/11 which will be exactly 9 months after 3/11/11 when God impregnated the spirit realm with this new 3/11/season. At the heart of the 3/11 season is Ruth 3/11 and Matt.3/11. There has been lots of signs in the natural of a travailing for all of God. The Lord has been trying to shake off all the apathy that would keep people from seeking Him with all their heart. 12/11/11 is in the middle of advent, which is the beginning of the Christian new year. This season will be fully birthed at that time after these nine months of growing life. We have seen some real manifestations of that life during these months. That baby has been really active in the womb but we will see the full birthing and growing beginning in Dec. And into 2012 and beyond.
This brings us back to Elul. I’ve called this a new season and I guess it is, but I guess it is more like a stage. It is time to “SEARCH for and HARVEST” the heart of the Lord like never before. He is definitely searching for and desiring to harvest more of our heart during this time. Many will discover in transforming ways that the are EVERYTHING to Him and that He is EVERYTHING to them. It’s THE SEASON OF THE BELOVEDS. It is an Exodus 33-34:9 time where you will discover how indispensable His presence is, and that His presence is the one thing you cant live without. It is a season of repentance and romance(you can’t separate the two).During Elul Noah dispatched the dove and 6 days later the dove came back with an olive leaf. It’s a Dove and Olive(doves and olive oil both being symbols of the Holy Sprit)time for man. Also September 24 is believed to be the first day of creation by Jews. I believe we will see a lot of creative things flow from the heart of God. Even creative miracles.
The tribe most tribe most associated with Elul is Gad. He is the seventh son of Jacob and he himself had seven sons.(the number of perfection,and in the world the number of good fortune). Gad means good fortune and I believe that during this time many of you will have good fortune in the spirit but also literally. There will be some real financial breakthroughs.
As I mentioned on the 23rd there will also be increased warfare during this time. Don’t take take that lightly. Our protection is going to be the Beauty of the Lord. Ps.27 is our place of refuge. Make the ONE THING in your life to seek His face and behold His Beauty. Cultivate the Beauty of the Lord. That is our protection. I will write more about that later. Be a Ps.27 beast during this time. I’ve been looking for a sign in the natural during these days 29th-31st and there yet may be another one, but I believe that on Saturday the Lord told me it would be New England. I heard today that Vermont is experiencing it’s worst flood in a century. Gentle brooks and streams have become roaring rivers. Many towns have been devastated and cut off. No power,no phone service, no food, or water. Today the national guard started airlifting food and water to these people. As we pray for these people in the natural as they deal with this
heartbreaking disaster, we also can see prophetically god reminding us that we will see entire towns experiencing the flooding waters of the Holy Spirit. Even the smallest and most isolated places who have had faithful intercessors crying out for more will have water to swim in. What a prophetic sign that was in New York when that nutty man swam down his street when it flooded. Well I know this is a lot, but it has been building and unfolding for about a week.