Dramatic changes

A couple of months ago after the 3/11/11 Tsunami the Lord spoke to me that we were in a time where we should expect dramatic changes. I believe this to be both in the natural and in the lives of believers and the church as a whole. The operative word seemed to be DRAMATIC. The changes would involve real DRAMA. Not subtle stuff. a lot of the dramatic changes in the natural concerning events in and around the Middle East, and involve governments and governing.Its not restricted to the Middle East, but that seemed to be a focal point. I believe the death of Usama Bin Ladin is a part of that. All of the uprisings in the Islamic countries are also a part of this. The interesting thing, is that the Lord said that these dramatic changes could be either good or bad, depending on what kind of Governments are put in place as part of the changes. The intercessions of the church do play a role in all of this. As those who are seated in the heavenly places in Christ, we do have influence and authority. To be seated in the heavenly places in Christ is to be in union with Him resting rule. 1Cor3 says that we are fellow workers with God. Rev.22 says that the Spirit and the Bride SAY COME. I know this has a primary meaning that is eschatilogical