Cupid 2/26/12

This word came to me about 2 weeks ago. What I saw in the spirit was Cupid and he was drawing back his bow, shooting an arrow in the heart of America. I heard the Lord say that he has twice now shot an arrow in the heart of America, allowed an arrow to be shot into the heart of America, to win America’s heart to him. Both 9/11/11 and then September 2008, when the stock market went through such a horrible time, were times when a lot of things were going on in the spirit and in the natural and I realize all that, but behind the scenes, God was allowing an arrow to be shot into the heart of America, which is our prosperity. God’s purpose of it was that he would win our heart to him, that it would cause America to turn to him and fall in love with Jesus. For a short period of time, especially after 9/11, there was a turning towards God but it didn’t last for very long. So the Lord allowed our hearts to be shot again when the stock market went through such trauma in Sept 08 a few years ago. What I heard the Lord saying is that he has shot arrows twice and if necessary, he will continue to shoot arrows in the heart of America so that he can win her back to him.
Again, I realize that there were people involved, evil intentions involved, but I just believe the Lord said that if you look past all that, what his purposes and his intentions were aimed at was turning our heart to him, and so our prayer is that God would protect the heart of America, that it wouldn’t be necessary for Cupid to keep shooting arrows into our heart, but more importantly, that we would turn to God and there would be a real genuine move of God revival in this country, that our heart would turn to him. Even the threats around us, such as the other day when the Lord gave me this word, and we found out there was a man in D.C trying to be a suicide bomber at the Capitol and that would certainly have been an arrow in the heart of America, but it was prevented, and so our prayer could be that even when we see those times when the bow is drawn back and yet God spares us, that our heart would be won over and we would turn to him, because the Lord longs to win our heart, to win the heart of this country back to him.