Come Expecting

I know this is last minute but I wanted you to know personally how pumped I am and expectant concerning the Healing Conference in Selma, AL this week! I may be more excited about this conference than any we’ve done before. If there’s anyway you can come to the conference or join us by way of the internet, I believe it will change your life. I really do believe that.

I, Chuck Jones, will be sharing Thursday and Friday night at our 7 o’clock sessions. On Friday night there also be a time of impartation, which is something that I’ve become more and more convinced of concerning its importance. I’ll tell my own story of what happened to me. I don’t believe I’ve ever told the whole story.

On Thursday morning at 9:30 Craig Stull will be teaching. I’m really looking forward to hearing him because through the battles he has experienced he is able to give an honest and transparent word. You may not realize it, but of all the people I know personally, Craig has experienced the most supernatural healings. I believe he has a lot to teach us about persevering faith and supernatural grace.

On Friday morning Mark Watters will teaching. Mark has a great passion to see us all steward the fullness of Christ in the Ministry of signs and wonders. God has taught him a lot, as he has all of us, these last two or three years, and I’m excited about hearing what all he has to say.

On Thursday and Friday afternoons, we have sessions at 2:30. Dan Whitt and his wife, Deborah, will be teaching both days and doing some practical training concerning the healing ministry. Dan and Deborah travel with me all over the country and the world ministering healing to the sick and broken. They are great, practical teachers and have seen more healings over the last number of decades than almost anyone I know. They have seen remarkable, and I mean remarkable, manifestations of Christ healing power. I am looking forward to their teachings and to many of their stories about what they have witnessed Christ do.

The word “disciple,” literally means “learner.” Let’s come together this week and be extravagant learners. I honestly believe that in our pursuit to experience and express the fullness of Christ, we have been taught some things that no matter how many conferences you have been to in the past, you’ll learn something new that will definitely plunge you into a deeper and wider experience of all that Jesus is and does.


I love you all, and may the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be your constant experience.
Further up and further in,