Shevat 1/26/12

Shevat Yesterday at sundown on Jan 25 began the Jewish month of Shevat began. The Jewish people have 2 calendars that they always follow. One is the secular calendar, which kings and governments use, kind of like our secular calendar which begins on Jan 1st, but their most important calendar, kind of like our liturgical […]

Changing of the Guard

The number 12 is the number that represents Government. I believe that the Holy Spirit has shown that in this year of 12 we are going to begin to see a lot of change in government both in the natural and the spiritual. Governmental structures and leaders are going to shift. There were a lot […]

Route 66 (6.6 Earthquakes)

I got this word about 3 weeks ago. THIS IS AN UPDATE Earthquake. Magnitude: 6.6 Location: Santa Cruz Islands Time: Sun, Jan 8, 2012 10:07:16 PM CST GMT: Mon, Jan 9, 2012 04:07:16 GMT Latitude: 10° 33′ 24″ S (-10.5569°) Longitude: 165° 9′ 35″ E (165.1598°) Depth: 24.2 mi “I gave a word today about […]

Word given on Rosh Hashanah

September 30, 2011   We are coming into a season of harvest.  Many will harvest the promises and proclamations.  Those who have been harvested and winnowed by the Holy Spirit and have been to the threshing floor will be accelerated into the purposes of God for their lives. Those who fear is it too late […]

Elul (a follow up to the new season) 8/31/11

Today we enter into the month of Elul. It is the 12 month(last month)in the Jewish civil calendar. Like all of the names of the Jewish calendar,it was broughtnback from the Babylonian exile. In Aramaic it means “search”, and it originates from the word “harvest”. The Talmud says that the Hebrew word Elul can be […]

New season 8/23/11

I will post more about this later in the week,or first of next week, but I feel compelled to go ahead and share briefly what I’ve seen and heard. Aug.29-30 begins a new season in the spirit with new opportunities to propel forward and new strategies from the enemy being released as we move down […]

Holy Scribes

Holy Scribes 6/8/11 God is raising up in this generation holy scribes, many of who will write in this country, in particular anointed books. May of these books will appear as ground breakers, spelling out clearly the purposes and ways of God like never before. Men and women, who like Paul, have been to the […]