An Explosive Sign 11/15/12

A few weeks ago the Lord spoke a word which I gave publicly – somewhere there was going to be some major volcanic activity. It would be a prophetic sign in the natural a lot of explosive things would be happening on earth. Just explosive things happening in the natural. In terms of geopolitical and […]

MSTP 11/10/12

The Lord just recently spoke to me and said we are coming into a season of ‘Must Shortly Take Place’ time (MSTP).  The word recently posted about the number nine, a time of change or transition between seasons I believe in some cases these changes will take place very quickly in ‘stunning speed’.  Things are […]

Nine 11/4/12

Recently I had a prophetic dream and it was one of those dreams where every time I would wake up and go back to sleep I would pick up the dream where I left off.  I dreamt Olivia and I were expecting a baby.  I knew that Olivia wasn’t pregnant but we were waiting for […]

May 27th ( Update)

This is a word I posted on May 14 about the 27th. Below that is a word posted on the Elijah list by a lady named Wendy m. Christie that is a confirming word. Thought it would be encouraging to you. We will talk more about this season in the days to come. The Lord […]

wildfires 4/3/12

I don’t know if we will have as many wildfires this year, but I believe the Lord has shown me that there will be massive ones around the world, that will be a crying out of God’s burning heart for the hearts of His whole creation to burn wildly for Him. The Living God is […]

Isaac time Update. 2/20/12

Isaac time – Update   Just recently, I posted a word called “Isaac time”. It was basically how God is going to get the last laugh, that there are things that seem to have gotten to a place where they are just never going to come to pass, promises or situations; but then you are […]