TIMUR 6/19/14

Also, Timur was a Turko-Mongol 14th century leader who conquered West, South, and Central Asia. His conquest included Middle Eastern armies of Syria and Egypt. He referred to himself as the Sword of Islam. His armies were feared throughout Asia, Europe, and Africa. He was the most power Muslim ruler in the world. Timur’s armies […]

For Intercessors 6/19/14 TIMOR

All morning I’ve had the word Timor or Timur strongly echoing in my heart and mind. The word Timor is a derivative of the word Timur. Timor is an Island in Southeast Asia, just above Australia. The Island is divided between West Timor, and East Timor. East Timor is an independent sovereign nation, and West […]

God is Reopening the Record Books 5/19/14: UPDATE

UK suffers wettest winter on record Met Office announces rainfall of 486.8mm from 1 December to 19 February – the wettest winter in records dating to 1910 Press Association theguardian.com, Thursday 20 February 2014 12.41 EST Record Balkan floods lead to Bosnia landslides SARAJEVO (Bosnia): Landslides triggered by unprecedented rains in Bosnia have left hundreds […]

Another Fire and Ice Update 5/19/14

ESCONDIDO, Calif. (AP) — Drought-stricken California is preparing for its worst wildfire season ever, the state’s governor said Sunday. Gov. Jerry Brown told ABC’s “This Week” that the nearly dozen wildfires that caused more than $20 million in damage mark only the beginning. The state has 5,000 firefighters and has appropriated $600 million to battling […]

Fire and Ice update 5/15/15

May 14, 2014: A fire burns in Carlsbad, California.FOX NEWS Next California Gov. Jerry Brown declared a state of emergency in San Diego County Wednesday after temperatures approaching 100 degrees and gusting winds fueled nine wildfires covering 14 square miles Wednesday. No major injuries were reported, but thousands were forced to flee burning homes, while […]