Prophetic Update 7/19/14

I want to make sure that I clarify that even though I have particular feel concerning San Francisco and Boston, the word I got was a FIVE ALARM WARNING for ALL of America. TWO BUS CRASH INCIDENTS-The second one is on Fox News This first one is online from the Seattle newspaper 1)Driver seriously hurt […]

From The Mouths of Babes 9/17/14

We are coming into the time when the weak ones, and the little ones will pick up the fruit of revelation that’s lying on the ground. The deep things of God, that is the deepest insights into the ways of God, will no longer be reserved just for the mature. Mature ones will have to […]

China’s Time has come 8/26/14

I got this word Thursday night Aug. 21st. Since then there has been almost daily news concerning China blustering acts of disrespect toward America and it’s military. There will be more aggressive actions on their part in their region of the world. Because America has allowed the small predator nations to humiliate her, The large […]