Out of Season Glory 1/6/15

I had a vision of a bright red Maple tree, and Lord said “The Maple Tree will show forth it’s glory out of season.” There are a couple of things The Lord showed me about this. Anything that is out of season is something that is unexpected. We are living in a Glory Season where […]

Isis 10/30/14

Expect new expressions of horror inflicted by the demonic group Isis to be made public soon. I’m not sure what to do about this, but it’s something I got. Pray as God leads you.

University Campuses 10/28/14

I have a strong sense that all intercessors need to pray for the protection of university campuses. This is very strong and imminent. Second Heaven plans could be released soon for extreme violence to happen on universities campuses. We need to rise up and contend with the plans to not be realized

Enlarged Hearts 9/25/14

I got this word on September the 10th this year, but was only allowed to release it until today. It is a new season when I am adding layers of tones to your heart. It is time to rise up and come away with Me again to a new place, and a new vision. I […]

The Big Story 9/23/14

On September 18th , last Thursday night, I was on my back porch with a friend, and we were doing some serious worship. The chorus of the worship song that we were singing over and over again simply said, “Your name be lifted higher.” As we sang loudly that chorus again and again, the Lord […]

Prophetic Update 7/19/14

FRANCE IN THE NEWS!!! France strikes Islamic State group’s depot in Iraq France destroys logistics depot in northern Iraq in its first airstrikes against Islamic State, say officials Two French Rafale jet fighters fly over Iraq on Friday Photo: AP By AP1:12PM BST 19 Sep 2014 France conducted its first airstrikes on Friday against the […]