A Word For 2015

This word was posted on 1/7/2015 but it is one we should keep in prayer daily with an expectant heart. I believe that in this year we will see the beginning of moments of intense glory being released on individuals, congregations, and communities around the world.  I believe we are going to see brief expressions […]

The Advent Word For This New Year 1/7/15

I got this word the first of Advent in early December of 2014 Advent is the beginning of the new Christian year. The word Advent means “to come.” I believe in this season that we have now entered into, the Holy Spirit will “come” accomplishing a number of things, at a new level, concerning the […]

Major Shifts in The East 1/7/15

I actually got this word yesterday. I believe there are going to be some major shifts in the Far East Geopolitically, and thus economically in the next season, (possibly the next 6 months or so) that could have ripple affects in a number of arenas around the world. Pray for political and economic ripples to […]

Out of Season Glory 1/6/15

I had a vision of a bright red Maple tree, and Lord said “The Maple Tree will show forth it’s glory out of season.” There are a couple of things The Lord showed me about this. Anything that is out of season is something that is unexpected. We are living in a Glory Season where […]