Update On Traveling By Air

This is the word given yesterday. Keep praying. There is more to come. Just recently sensed it is important to pray for those by air, in all contexts Small plane lands on NY highway Published January 04, 2014FoxNews.com Jan. 4, 2014: This photo shows a small plane after it landed on a NYC highway. (DANIEL […]

God has reopened the Record Books 12/23/13

In early November in the wake of Typhoon Haiyan hit the Philippines The Lord said to me “I am reopening the record books.” I spoke this word in a public service on Nov. 10th or 11th. We have seen records broken since then and will continue to see many records in many arenas broken in […]

China 12/2/13

On November the 19th The Lord gave me a clear word. He said the biggest threat on the world scene is not the Russian Bear but the Panda Bear. Economically, militarily, and strategically China is becoming the most powerful nation in the world. They are quietly taking territory through economic dominance, and military threat. The […]

Rockets 11/5/13

I saw rockets; lots of rockets being released into the air. I can only take this as a call to prayer. I believe these are literal rockets being fired in conflict. It must have grave potential or The Holy Spirit wouldn’t have revealed this.

On the other side of yes. 10/11/13

I’ve been sitting on this word since August 30th, waiting for The Lord to tell me to launch it. I’ve been waiting in anticipation for Him to say “GO.” Even the wait has been prophetic, because The Lord to me this morning, “Are you ready to launch.” He then said “Tell them all to get […]