I got, and spoke this word yesterday. There are going to be lots of Geopolitical earthquakes around the Globe as God allows Nations to be shaken. Economies will be threatened and some will come tumbling down. Many people will take to the streets in many nations groaning for change. This is not just going to […]

The Big One. 9/13/11

Hurricanes 9/13/11 I may have missed this one. I sensed this word on 9/13/11, but it is too important to not post it. Maybe others got it and intercessors already pushed it back. I should have posted it a month ago. It doesn’t hurt to pray just in case. As we move closer and closer […]

Flash Floods 8/1/11

About 4 weeks ago I believe the Lord showed me that we are going to see a lot of Flash Floods around the world. These are prophetic signs signaling Flash Floods in the spirit that are going to pop up in different places. These Flash Floods in the spirit are going to be brief expressions […]

Volcanoes 7/13/11

The Lord showed me that there was going to be numerous volcanic eruptions in this prophetic season as a sign that we are reaching the boiling point spiritually concerning the purposes of God. We are going to see explosive eruptions of the activity of God in signs and wonders. The compassionate heart of Christ will […]

Word on Wild Fires

Word on wildfires Not too long after the 3/11 word, the Lord spoke to me again at our noon Eucharist, that Oklahoma was going to be in the news, because it was the Sooner state, and God was doing things “sooner” than later in this 3/11 season. Probably about a week later, it was on […]