A Shaking 4/2/14

Yesterday I heard the Holy Spirit say “increase in volcanoes and earthquakes.” There could also be renewed Tsunami scares. Last evening an 8.2 earthquake happened just off the coast of Chili. We are in a time of governmental shaking, and geo-political shaking. Even in the Body of Christ there are governmental realignments taking place, that […]

China ( UPDATE)

I gave the word about China on Thursday the 19th. Our intercession is important. Go back and look at the post on the 23rd Heavy rain has battered 17 Chinese provinces since July 20, leaving 95 dead and another 45 missing, according to the Ministry of Civil Affairs. Beijing received it’s worst rainfall in more […]

Cyclone (Update) 6/5/12

Just an update. This word is really on my heart. Below is the original word, given on 5/2/12 I believe this will be a very active Cyclone season. Pray for those nations who will be affected by these frequent and powerful cyclones will discern the purposes of God.

Wildfire update

Original word given on 4/3/12 ‘Perfect recipe’ for wildfires as season starts early By Miguel Llanos, msnbc.com The U.S. wildfire season that typically starts in late spring has taken off this month, with crews tackling fires up and down the East Coast in recent days. Twenty-five states, all east of the Rockies, posted their warmest […]

Wildfire update 4/9/12

Fox News just said millions could be affected Massive 1,000-acre brush fire threatens homes in rural New Jersey Published April 09, 2012 | NewsCore Print Email Share Comments inShare TABERNACLE, N.J. – A brush fire spread to 1,000 acres Monday and threatened homes in a rural area of New Jersey. Fourteen fire trucks, three bulldozers, […]


Earlier this week I gave a word that the heartland was very vulnerable. The headlines after the Missouri storms were “Heartland hit hard.” I reiterated that word after those storms. Today, many places are being hit, but the heartland (Indiana) is being hit the hardest. The heartland remains vulnerable in the weeks ahead. Pray.