California Shaking

Continue to pray for California. Among prophetic leaders there is some conflict among those who believe God is going to bless California, or break California. Well I believe both sides are right. God is going to bless California. Of course He is. Too many people have stood in faith for too long, contending for words […]

New York

The lord has really placed New York on my heart during this last year. If you’ll search this website you’ll discover that there are a number of words prophetically about New York. As I approached this particular trip to New York, I had a growing sense that there would be some kind of sign in […]


I have really had California on my heart for the last week or so. I gave a word about San Francisco in particular, but also California as whole. There is going to be a whole lot of shaking going on. This is going to be true on a number of levels, both literally, and figuratively. […]

New York, New York

Ten years ago when the tragedy of 9/11 occured, many opinions were given as to why God allowed this to happen. Some of those opinions were at best very insensitive. I’m not going to try and voice any reason why God allowed 9/11, but I am confident that we can conclude some of the consequences […]

Hotlanta 8/8/11

For about two or three days now have had this feeling that there was going to be a fire or explosion in Atlanta. I don’t think this is about a terrorist attack,at least not a jihadist thing. I’m not sure though. What I do feel strong about is some kind of fire that may or […]