The Time For Prayer Is Now Intensified

What I’m saying to you now is not political or an endorsement of anyone’s behavior, whether I agree or disagree with what they do or don’t do. The Lord showed me really clearly that a lot of people prayed for the presidential election and for someone to be elected who would promote a higher level […]

Imminent Danger 10/25/15

I keep hearing those words in my spirit this morning as I am praying. I can’t tell you any details other then I keep hearing “Imminent danger.”  I know that this is obviously true in many places around the world right now, but I believe over these next five days or so it is very […]

A Wicked Turn 4/2/14

On Monday Night March 31st I suddenly got a word from The Lord. “A wicked turn of events is coming.” I believe this is corruption in the political arena. I don’t know if this is moral corruption, or some other kind. God is going to expose it, and it will be used to accomplish His […]

Alabama: The Big Red One 07.03.13

While sitting in a meeting the other day the Lord began to speak a prophetic word to me about Alabama, one that he’s been trying to speak for some time.  In fact for several years there’s been a term bouncing around my head as it relates to the state of Alabama the term being: ‘The […]