10/14/11 European Hurricanes

European Hurricane 9/13/11   I believe that the Lord showed me that over the next 6 or 7 months there are going to be European hurricanes.  They are going to come against the western coast of Europe, along the western shores of Europe.  God is allowing this to happen to proclaim prophetically, as a sign […]

10/12/11. Germany(Occupation Rights)

Occupation rights cancelled in Germany   I got this word on 9/12/11.  The word is that as a result of the faithful remnant whose intercession and repentance have been crying out to God for decades, God has lifted the occupation rights, or the occupation rights have been cancelled over the country of Germany.  The atmosphere […]

Expelling Israel

The Lord spoke a clear word to me this morning about all this who want to expel Israel to it pre 1967 borders. The territories won by Israel in the 6 days war were given by God in supernatural victory to provide protection form those who desire to annihilate Israel. God also meant to use […]

Antisemitism 9/6/11

The Lord spoke to me this morning that “There is a rise of antisemitism on the earth; even in this country. This is a Powerful demon that uses many disguises including theological ones”. It is becoming increasingly inconvenient to be Israel’s friend. It’s becoming the “In Thing” to blame Israel for everything. Don’t ever imagine […]

India, India, India. 8/23/11

For days now,and even more so this morning I keep being drawn back to India. I’ve really had central India on my heart. Pray for protection and for revival in the church there that will glorify Christ above all the demonic gods.