I’ve had several days now where Russia has been strong on my heart, especially yesterday and today. If you’ve been keeping up with Aslan then you know this has been going on prophetically for months. They are definitely going to try and roar. The Lord is also going to spank them to try and get […]


Keep the Netherlands in your prayers. God so loves them for the many there who have historically stood for the Jews. Russia China Taiwan Peru Chile Turkey Pakistan Christ Church-New Zealand London-always


This is a very important time for Israel. Many nations are now wanting to expel them from the from their hearts and even from the Earth. We will see God demonstrate His love for the Apple of HIs eye. Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

Shifts are back in style

On Friday night the 17th the Lord gave me a word about shifting. Lots of shifting going on around the world, not just in the secular. It was a pretty long word. I will post more about it in the days to come. Be on the alert for a lot of seismic activity, landslides, mudslides, […]

China Shaking Update 2/13/12

Keep this simple word before you. I’ve really had them on my heart. The Church there is also praying for a shaking. Revivals are trapped in places around the world and need to be shaken out so we can see them.  I have this strong sense that China is about to go through a great […]

France. The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

The lord is speaking to me a lot about Europe, and today especially France. Here is the Good. God is digging a deep well in France and will bring forth a mighty stream of living water from her once He is through digging. There is a judgement on all of Europe, including France, but it […]

Israel update 2/4/12

About ten days ago I spoke a word in a public service that God had really put Israel on my heart. Israel is always on my heart, but this was different for this particular time. It didn’t get posted on Aslan. Just yesterday it was reported was reported that Leon Panetta, our Secretary of Defense […]

Update Chile

This is an update on Chile. They are still in the cross hairs along with Peru. There were two other Earthquakes in Chile today that we’re fairly large. Magnitude: 6.2 Location: Offshore Bio-Bio, Chile Time: Mon, Jan 23, 2012 10:04:54 AM CST GMT: Mon, Jan 23, 2012 16:04:54 GMT Latitude: 36° 24′ 53″ S (-36.4149°) […]

Burma (update)

Not too many days ago God put Burma on my heart. The word was posted and many of you prayed. Within just a few days there was a major destiny changing event in Burma. We posted that update. This is the latest UPDATE with many new remarkable changes taking place in that nation. Last week […]