China 7/23/12

Last week I gave a word about China. It felt like something had hit me in the gut. Whenever that happens, it usually means something not good. The heaviest rain to hit Beijing in six decades has killed at least 37 people and left cars and buses submerged as China braced Sunday for more downpours, […]

Spain (update) 7/12/12

This happened tonight about 2 blocks from where I was. It was a huge national event. There were dozens and dozens of swat teams. Helicopters were above and the inner city was shut down. This was the sign. I will share later the prophetic significance. I was in the inner city having out door dinner […]

France and Europe 5/14/12

God has promised a revival for France and it will come to pass, but she will have to travel the hard path to get there. It’s a path that she has chosen. God allowed her to choose, as He is with all of Europe. Months and months ago the Lord told me that His judgment […]

Israeli Independence 5/14/12

On this day in 1948 Israel officially became an independent nation. We live in a time now that Israel will once again be declaring its independence. This time it will be from America. It’s not that America and Israel will stop having a relationship, it’s imperative for America to never forsake that relationship, but Israel […]