China’s Time has come 8/26/14

I got this word Thursday night Aug. 21st. Since then there has been almost daily news concerning China blustering acts of disrespect toward America and it’s military. There will be more aggressive actions on their part in their region of the world. Because America has allowed the small predator nations to humiliate her, The large […]

TIMUR 6/19/14

Also, Timur was a Turko-Mongol 14th century leader who conquered West, South, and Central Asia. His conquest included Middle Eastern armies of Syria and Egypt. He referred to himself as the Sword of Islam. His armies were feared throughout Asia, Europe, and Africa. He was the most power Muslim ruler in the world. Timur’s armies […]

Update on word given 2/26/13

Beware America!! The continual, open squabbling of our leaders in Washington, before the world, has so weakened us in their eyes that other Alpha Predators and Scavenger Predators are going to start testing Americas strength, resolve, and ability to protect itself, and those America has been historically committed to protect. This will involve many places, […]

The Neverlands 4/3/14

The Lord has really put The Netherlands on my heart. They are so destitute spiritually, and the demonic powers are saying “This is a Neverlands; the gospel; The Holy Spirit will Never be welcome here again.” God is going to send a revival to Holland. He is even now preparing its spiritual soil for life […]

Iran 3/2/14

Yesterday was a strong prophetic day. Got a real sense that Iran is going to be in the news a lot. New developments; not just old stories. Stronger demonic activity going on there behind the scene, in the spiritual gates, than normal.

England 4/2/14

ENGLAND 4/2/14 England has been on my heart for a long time, especially London. England and especially London have a very significant place in our times. England is both a target for the powers of darkness and for the spirit of the Lord. I believe that all of England is particularly vulnerable to terrorist attacks. […]

A Shaking 4/2/14

Yesterday I heard the Holy Spirit say “increase in volcanoes and earthquakes.” There could also be renewed Tsunami scares. Last evening an 8.2 earthquake happened just off the coast of Chili. We are in a time of governmental shaking, and geo-political shaking. Even in the Body of Christ there are governmental realignments taking place, that […]