Imminent Danger 10/25/15

I keep hearing those words in my spirit this morning as I am praying. I can’t tell you any details other then I keep hearing “Imminent danger.”  I know that this is obviously true in many places around the world right now, but I believe over these next five days or so it is very […]

Five Alarm Fire 7/23/15

I was awakened this morning with a vision of buildings burning and I heard the words Five Alarm Fire. I don’t believe this is allegorical, therefore, I’m asking those who read this who are intercessors to intercede, standing in the gap concerning this possible natural disaster. Second Heaven Plans can be stopped or at least […]

Landing 5/25/15

Even though I didn’t post this on Aslan, I shared in a public service that I saw in a vision a plane with a landing issue. I believe what I saw was this flight being escorted to land in light of the threat. I believe that there will also be another plane that will need […]