Dream Again

It’s time to rise up and try again. You must no longer allow the failures of your pass to label you as failure. It is time to fill your horn with oil go once again into the same battlefields where you the experienced failure in the past, but this time it will not be failure […]


We are in a time of Firsts. Many people who have been preparing themselves to be used by God any way He chooses, by simply walking in the Spirit everyday, are going to experience firsts. You will see your first sign and wonder. You will see your first healing, or have for the first time […]

Women Under Attack

Women Under Attack  8/30/2011 There have been prophetic voices recently declaring that we are coming into the year of the woman or the season of the woman.  I concur with that, that God is rising up Godly women to fill different roles and to play significant roles.  In light of that, I also believe that […]

Night Vision

The enemy of our souls loves to operate in darkness as a deceiver. He does most of his damage unnoticed because people are insensitive to the Holy Spirits warnings and conviction. In this season, the Lord is healing our spiritual nerve endings so that we we become much more sensitive to the Holy Spirit exposing […]

Young Generals 8/1/11

God is raising up young wartime Generals who are getting battle field commissions by the Holy Spirit. These are fearless young men who are sometimes even reckless. In the vacuum of old men afraid to dream dreams, the Holy Spirit is is revealing the dreams of Heaven(literally dreams) and releasing these young warriors who desire […]

Slaying the Anointing

6/5 Slaying the anointing   This was an open vision where I saw the devil who looked exactly like the red devil on a can of deviled ham. He was totally red, you could hardly make out facial features, he had horns, a long red spiked tail and had a spear in his hand. In […]

Seniority citizens

Seniority citizens June 7, 2011  In the spirit of adventure and holy exploration, many on this continent will ascend the highest peaks in the spirit. They will reach places no one has ever been to before in North America. It is time for new heroes and heroines to rise up and scale new heights that […]