Holy Reporters 9/13/11

Holy Reporters 9/13/11 Just recently there was a remembering of the death and funeral of Princess Diana, when the whole world stopped to pay attention to this funeral of this really famous person.  What many people don’t realize is that on that same day there was a much more important funeral, as far as the […]

Freedom to Persevere. 9/13/11

9/13/11   Many of these days you will find a new freedom to persevere.  Many whose walk with the Lord has been patterned and characterized by highs and lows, there break up spiritual sewing resulting in inconsistent harvesting will move into an unbroken rhythm.  God is rewarding those who have been up and down, but […]

An Army of Worshipers

Worshipers 9/13/11   The Lord spoke to me saying that He is rising up an army of worshipers.  When we think worshipers we think in terms of people who sing songs, and we certainly see God rising up worship leaders that way, but every person is called to be a worshiper.  It is not primarily […]

10/14/11 Holy Poets

Holy Poets 9/12/11 I believe we are living in a time where God is calling Holy Poets to find each other.  God is going to be bringing people together, in relationships and marriages that are going to be different from any other generation.  The word Holy Poets references not necessarily people who write poetry, but […]

A One Thing Army 10/11/11

God is raising up a Psalm 27 people who will live a “One Thing Life”. A people whose great treasure is the beauty of the Lord. These will be a people so fascinated with and captivated by the splendor of the Lord that their “One Thing” in life preoccupation will be to seek and gaze […]

Timing is Everything

I heard the Lord say,TIMING IS EVERYTHING. This is very critical right now. Significant battles will be won or lost according to timing. You must move with Jesus at His pace. Don’t be governed by anything other than His movements. Move circumspectly with you eyes fixed on Him, and only spring into action when he […]

Word given on Rosh Hashanah

September 30, 2011   We are coming into a season of harvest.  Many will harvest the promises and proclamations.  Those who have been harvested and winnowed by the Holy Spirit and have been to the threshing floor will be accelerated into the purposes of God for their lives. Those who fear is it too late […]

9/22/11 A significant day in the spirit

Tomorrow 9/22/11 will be a vey prophetic day. Jesus said that The Holy Spirit is like a wind; you can hear it’s sound, but it blows where it wishes, and you do not know where it comes from or where it is going. Tomorrow, on the Hebrew calendar is the day that the dove brings […]

A Spirit of perseverance 9/7/11

Many in these days will find a new freedom to preserve. Many whose walk with the Lord has been patterned by highs and lows that break up spiritual resulting in inconsistent harvesting will move into an unbroken rhythm. God is rewarding those who have been persistent even though they have been up and down in […]

Antisemitism 9/6/11

The Lord spoke to me this morning that “There is a rise of antisemitism on the earth; even in this country. This is a Powerful demon that uses many disguises including theological ones”. It is becoming increasingly inconvenient to be Israel’s friend. It’s becoming the “In Thing” to blame Israel for everything. Don’t ever imagine […]