One Thing (1/16/12)

 8 “[m]Listen! My beloved! Behold, he is coming, Climbing on the mountains, Leaping on the hills! 9 “My beloved is like a gazelle or a young [n]stag. Behold, he is standing behind our wall, He is looking through the windows, He is peering through the lattice.  10 “My beloved responded and said to me, ‘Arise, […]

Breaking the Curse Cycle 1/5/12

It’s time for the curse cycle to be broken The Lord is saying that many of you have been living under a curse and the cycle repeats itself. This could be true for you personally, but also for your family and therefore, it would be an ancestral curse. As a matter of fact, if you […]

Leaving your Islands of Isolation

In this season many will leave their islands after years of isolation. There are many who because of hurt or disappointment have lived on islands of isolation, that have actually been islands of insolation, to protect themselves from being hurt again. Because of the isolation, and insolation they have been on the outside looking in, […]

Hot Spots. God is in a SHAKING mood.

Japan Turkey England Afghanistan Whenever I sense these things, our prayers can impact these nations from several different directions. First if second heaven plans(schemes from the enemy)are involved then our prayers can stop, or limit them. Second, if God is shaking, or spotlighting a place, our prayers can help accentuate, and accelerate His purposes. The […]

By Faith Time

I had this vision of a room full of people, and then suddenly they all shifted. The whole room did. It was in one position, then it shifted to another position. Then I heard the Lord say, ” It’s a By Faith Time”. I’ve been hearing and teaching a lot about faith lately, and as […]

Dream Again

It’s time to rise up and try again. You must no longer allow the failures of your pass to label you as failure. It is time to fill your horn with oil go once again into the same battlefields where you the experienced failure in the past, but this time it will not be failure […]


We are in a time of Firsts. Many people who have been preparing themselves to be used by God any way He chooses, by simply walking in the Spirit everyday, are going to experience firsts. You will see your first sign and wonder. You will see your first healing, or have for the first time […]

The Determination of The Lord

While ministering today a word dropped in my spirit that I knew was a word for more than just the people there. The Holy Spirit said “Its Time for the Determination of the Lord”. Many of you who have exhausted yourselves under the Determination of Sincerity, are going to transition into The Detremination of The […]