An Isaac time 2/15/12

The Lord told me last week that we are living in an Isaac time. If you remember, both Abraham and Sarah laughed at God, when after 25 years of initially giving the word of promise concerning Abraham’s seed, God reiterated it when Abe tried to offer Ishmael as the solution. As a matter fact Abraham […]

Song Dynasty update

I was really reminded of this word in my lighthouse time this morning. The Holy Spirit just kept shouting “Worship, Worship, Worship.” You want to arrive at the place? You know the Place! Yeah, you know, that Place where your Heart has always longed to be in the Lord. You can get there real quick […]

Thy Kingdom Come

I’m sure that you have heard dozens of times already that the number 12 is all about government and authority, and that we are in the year of the twelves. Kingdoms are about government and rule and reign. Revival is about people receiving the Kingdom of God at a much deeper level of faith than […]

Shevat 1/26/12

Shevat Yesterday at sundown on Jan 25 began the Jewish month of Shevat began. The Jewish people have 2 calendars that they always follow. One is the secular calendar, which kings and governments use, kind of like our secular calendar which begins on Jan 1st, but their most important calendar, kind of like our liturgical […]

The Song Dynasty

There will be a word posted in a day or two about God raising the roof in worship, but this morning He said the Song Dynasty has now taken over The Heavenly River. We live in a time where I’ve never seen such a flow of anointed worship songs being written. Many thought the same […]