Silver Tsunami 4/18/12

Yesterday, there was a headline on Fox News that said, “Silver Tsunami.” It was about how many Seniors will be driving in the days to come, and it’s dangers. I have received a number of words over the last year or so about the place of the mature in age in this emerging move of […]

Ancient Wars 4/17/12

There have been ancient wars that have never officially ended. Some of you have been at war with your Brothers and Sisters In Christ for many years. Even though open hostilities have ended, you are content with no Peace Treaty. Without the Peace Treaty, the war continues, and the hostilities still continue in the depths […]

Wildfire update

Original word given on 4/3/12 ‘Perfect recipe’ for wildfires as season starts early By Miguel Llanos, The U.S. wildfire season that typically starts in late spring has taken off this month, with crews tackling fires up and down the East Coast in recent days. Twenty-five states, all east of the Rockies, posted their warmest […]

Lovers and Leaners

In our day God forming Lovers and Leaners at an accelerated pace. Many of you have been through an extended Wilderness. It’s all been about accelerated maturity. The Lord tells us in John 15 that pruning accomplishes accelerated fruitfulness. God will sometimes sacrifice the external to develop the internal and eternal. It’s the Lame that […]

Covert Schemes 3/20/12

The enemy is a stealth warrior. He is a Guerilla fighter, operating in the dark. Many of you are going through things that just don’t make sense, that just don’t line up, and your not sure how to do battle because everything is unclear. Right now, the Lord is exposing the covert schemes of the […]

A Drunken Army 3/20/12

Last week I heard the Lord say this in my spirit, “I am trying the hearts of men and women throughout the earth, to raise up a drunken army, whose hearts are intoxicated with the love of Christ.” A lovesick Bride, armed with the Burning Heart of Jesus conquering the broken hearts of fallen humanity, […]