A Man Named King 7.28.13

This is a word given for Selma at a public service where there were people from all over Selma gathered together.   The Lord started to speak to me that 50 years ago a man named King walked the streets of Selma fighting for civil rights and as a result of that he changed Selma forever, […]

Beware the little Foxes 07.08.13

Song of Solomon 2:15:  ‘Take us the foxes, the little foxes, that spoil the vines for our vines have tender grapes.” It is the little foxes” that try and spoil the vines. The enemy knows that if he can take your focus off of your purpose and cause you to have to clean up little […]

Fire Sale 06.29.13

Last week the Lord showed me we are coming into a season in the body of Christ where there is going to be a huge ‘fire sale’.  When we think of a fire sale, we think of a store putting on a sale to clear out merchandise but originally a fire sale was for items […]

Foundations 06.16.13

This word has been bouncing around in my heart for the last couple months and was reaffirmed this week through some prophetic individuals and confirmed what was happening was for the body of Christ.  God is calling us to go back and rediscover and dig a deeper foundation. We are all praying for and believing […]