Come Expecting

I know this is last minute but I wanted you to know personally how pumped I am and expectant concerning the Healing Conference in Selma, AL this week! I may be more excited about this conference than any we’ve done before. If there’s anyway you can come to the conference or join us by way […]

Let Jesus Be Lord

At Christ the King Selma we have young adults get up every Sunday and give prophetic words because that is Christlike. It doesn’t mean everyone is a prophet but it does mean supernatural things should happen every day through every Christian. We’ve got to let Jesus be Lord. He wants to break in so He […]

New Day for Aslan Roars!

This is a new day for Aslan Roars! Today we launch the NEW website that was created to reflect the transformation that has taken place this year and introduce you to the Ministry that Aslan Roars has become. For a number of years Aslan Roars has just been a website. It was originally a […]