One Thing

Yesterday we were looking at Heb.11:11 “By faith even Sarah herself received ability to conceive, even beyond the proper time of life, since she considered Him faithful who had promised.” We discovered that at the heart of faith is our invoking the ability of God in every situation. What a remarkable adventure we can envision […]

One Thing

Hebrews 11:11 says, “By faith even Sarah herself received ability to conceive, even beyond the proper time of life, since she considered Him faithful who had promised.” this verse has so much to say about faith, and we will spend a couple of days talking about some of those things. Sarah had been barren all […]

One Thing

We were talking about forgiveness, and how it is the great gift of opportunity for fallen people, who long to be fully transformed into the New Creation they already are in Christ. 2Corinthians 5 makes it very clear that if you are in Christ then you are a New Creation, yet Eph.4, and Col. 3, […]

One Thing

I think that forgiveness is one of the most amazing words you will ever hear. We love to hear about things like power and anointing. Thoughts of the love of God blow us away(As it should). Grace, mercy, Intimacy, presence, and glory are such amazing words. You might be able to think of many other […]

One Thing Devotional

I’m so grateful for the opportunities that I have everyday to be obedient. I’ve shared lately that in the time I have left on this earth, I want to love Him even more than I need him, and my need for Him is cavernous(as it should be). One of the most powerful ways we love […]

Today’s One Thing Devotional

JUMP!! ¬†Faith is not for the weak of heart, but it is for the Weak, whose hearts no longer have a taste for defeated, pointless living, whose only point is to play it safe. “The Just Shall Live by Faith”. It so awesome to be among the Just. To know that our sins are forgiven, […]

One Thing. Daily Devotional. 11/15/2011

I believe that true victory in our walk with Christ is often more reactive than It is proactive. Of course we constantly do proactive things to prepare us for the battle, but often the battle comes at us from unexpected places, and at unexpected times. When that happens, how we react to life will determine […]

One Thing. Daily Devotion

Evryday we face all kind of uncertainties that can create a lot of worry, and anxiety. It’s easy to daydream about living in a world full of the expected, and not the unexpected. That would bring such peace wouldn’t it. I’ve often counciled people over the years who wre about to go into some situation […]

One Thing

I’m a little tired at the end of a pretty demanding week. The result is, I find myself thinking about getting some physical rest. Rest is something our bodies need, but the rest of soul that God offers is even more important. We live in a world full of stress, and tension, and if we […]

One Thing

I’ve been thing about Jesus being our One Thing, and I was just reminded by the Holy Spirit that we are Jesus’ One Thing. What an amazing thought. Think of all that He is responsible for, and yet I’m am always in His thoughts. It gives me such a sense of significance,and it is so […]