One Thing 4/18/12

If winning is important to you, then Easter is your season. Easter is all about winning, especially whenever everything looks like a lost cause. Think about he Disciples, they left everything they had to follow Jesus, and had told all the folks around who surely thought they had lost their minds, that Jesus was the […]

One Thing 4/17/12

Did you know that God rejoices over you? You might say, “I know that He is pleased with me when I’m walking in holiness.” Well, the truth is, He rejoices over you even in your imperfections. He doesn’t wait for you to be perfect or mature to enjoy you. He enjoys you even in your […]

One Thing 4/16/12

I want to give a follow-up word on the word I shared the last time from Psalm 73. We were talking about those times in our spiritual life when because of the intensity of the battle our hearts fail. There is a great verse in 2Timothy 2:13, that says even if we believe not, He […]

One Thing 4/13/12

Psalm 73:26 says my flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever. That is a powerful verse that reminds us of several very important things. For one, it reminds us that in this fallen world there are times when we grow weary and our hearts […]

One Thing 4/12/12

At the beginning of the Song of Solomon the Shulamite cries “May He kiss me with the kisses of His mouth! For Your love is better than wine.” This is the cry of a longing heart who is desperate to hear the words of affection and love that come from the mouth of Jesus. She […]

One Thing 4/11/12

Just a few Good Friday, Easter thoughts. Jesus died on the Cross for me, so that risen from the dead He could live His life in me,and through me. Jesus died on the Cross for me, to set me free from sins penalty, so that risen from the dead, living his life in me, He […]

One Thing 4/10/12

Well, we began our Easter journey yesterday. The historical church celebrates Easter as a 50 day season; not just a single day celebration. I’m so grateful for that, because it’s a reminder that We are Easter People, and the reality of the Resurrection is something we experience and celebrate everyday. One of my favorite C.S. […]

One Thing 4/8/12

As the play continues, the darkened stage suddenly come alive with light, and someone shouts ALLELUIA HE IS RISEN!!!!, and as the curtain falls to the shouts of the throngs screaming He Is Alive, written across the curtain are the words THE BEGINNING!!!!

One Thing 4/6/12

The Great Prince driven by divine madness throws Himself on the altar of sacrifice, for the sake of His promised, yet condemned bride, releasing her forever from her guilt and shame, and demonstrating before the whole world, and in her eyes, a love that has never been seen before, but only told about in stories […]

One Thing 4/5/12

When I think about this day in Holy Week, I think about the title The Agony and The Ecstasy. The agony Jesus in the garden as He faced the pain and the separation of the Cross caused such anguish of soul, He sweat drops of blood, but the joy in the heart of God to […]