By Faith Time

I had this vision of a room full of people, and then suddenly they all shifted. The whole room did. It was in one position, then it shifted to another position. Then I heard the Lord say, ” It’s a By Faith Time”. I’ve been hearing and teaching a lot about faith lately, and as usual with me, it’s not just about hearing personally, or teaching about faith; it’s a prophetic word that has something to do with the whole Body of Christ. The Lord is saying, ” I have patiently been loving you and instructing you to the point of faith. I have lovingly worked with you in your reasonings, and your doubts, but it is time for a major shift. I have prepared you through your baby steps to start moving in reality changing faith. It is time to move only, and at all times in earth altering faith. It is time for my people to pull down the things in the third Heavens that have been laid up for you. It is time for the eternal realities to shape he temporal. It is time for you to live exclusively by the words that proceed out of my mouth. It is time for The supernatural to dictate the natural. You have been waiting for me to move, but I have been waiting for you to move in faith so that all that I have longed for you to experience can be realized. People will live their daily lives, and businesses will be run by faith, and not by sight. I’m unleashing against the powers of darkness, and the spirit of this world an army of people who live CALLING THOSE THINGS THAT ARE NOT AS THOUGH THEY WERE. It is Ready Set Go time, and I am prepared to perform miracles to keep my word. Rise up, Jump in, Let go, and Prove Me. It’s Living By Faith Time”.