Burma Update

Myanmar National League For Democracy, Aung San Suu Kyi’s Party, Approved To Election

Posted word on Tuesday about Burma. I didn’t know what the word was about, but only that we were to pray. When I get those kind of words all I know is that something big is in the works. Could be something bad that prayer could stop, or good that prayer can propel. Today, totalitarian quasi government allowed opposition, pro democratic party to register as approved party to run in an election that the government announced today would take place this year. Major decision that will change this nation of 59 million people forever. Pray now, that the government follows through on it’s decision. This was on Fox News tonight. I can’t ever remember a story about Burma on Fox News, or any other news service before. I got the word BURMA, not the new name MYANMAR that many use. The new name was not chosen in a democratic fashion, and most citizens there don’t acknowledge it. Fox used the name BURMA. The above headline was taken from a news service on the Internet.

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