Boston Bombing 4/16/13

Yesterday at 12:30, at our noon service, The Lord showed me an event (a disaster) in the Northeast, so I gave the word in prophetic prayer. At 2:00 our time the bombing happened. I don’t always understand all of these things, but I do know that there were other prophetic people around the world who got the same thing and began to intercede as we did. Our Sovereign God who governs the affairs of men will often alert His people to 2nd Heaven plans, so that by praying the plan can be frustrated or minimized. Only God knows how much worse this could have been if intercessors hadn’t been praying. We’ve seen intercessors impact events many times over the years. We also pray that our God of love will sweep in and minister the love of the Crucified Christ to all who are suffering, and that He will somehow steal the enemy’s thunder and accomplish unseen eternal purposes through this tragedy. Biblically and historically He has done just that, again and again. Sometimes people ask me things like “Is this about judgement and rejection from God?” Absolutely not!! The answer, of course, is God’s heart, and only involvement in this is Love. Before Sandy hit The Lord told me, and again, I’m sure others, that the Northeast was going to have a rough season. I’m not sure it’s over yet, so lets really be praying.