Boaz is in the Fields 09.04.13

A few years ago I did some teaching from the book of Ruth that really impacted my life about Jesus our ‘Boaz’ being our redeemer.  The idea of redemption doesn’t just carry the idea of forgiveness although it certainly does have a lot to do with it.  Redemption is more than just forgiveness it restores and overrules for good all the loss occasioned by our sin, the activity of the enemy or the activity of others.

About a week ago I was reading about the Hebrew month called Elul.  One of the characteristics of this month of Elul, as stated in this article, is it’s known as the time when the king is in his fields; he goes out once or twice a month to check his fields. While reading this I thought it was interesting but as I read on the Holy Spirit quickened my heart with some of the things he had revealed to me about Boaz and spoke clearly to me that Boaz was now in his fields.  This word comes out of the book of Ruth chapter 2.

In Ruth chapter 2:2 Ruth appeals to her mother-in-law to allow her to go into the fields and glean among the grain and find the one and whose sight she may find favor.  Naomi released her to go and as she goes out to the fields it is literally translated ‘her chance chanced upon the fields of Boaz’.  If you know the story of the book of Ruth, Boaz was the one who was qualified to be her kinsman redeemer and as the story unfolds, he redeems her.  She goes out to be a gleaner – not a reaper – a reaper worked for whoever owned the land and they would sickle the crop for harvest – a gleaner would go after everything was reaped after the harvesting of the day and gather the leftovers. There was in part of the covenant a provision that mentions parts of the corners of the fields should be left for the poor.  Gleaners were the poorest of the poor. When Ruth goes out and is gleaning in the fields Boaz comes out to see how the barley harvest is progressing.  He inquires of who she is and the workers tell him she is a Moabite who returned with her mother-in-law Naomi.  Boaz approaches her and begins to tell her he knew who she was and that he had heard about her; about the favor and loyalty she displayed towards her mother-in-law and that she had come to Israel to seek the refuge of God – that she had become a convert from being a Moabite to Judaism.  Her fame had come to him and it was pleasing to him, it tenderized his heart.  The story goes on to say he welcomes her and instructs the reapers to leave behind bunches of grain for her.  At the end of the day he invites her to sit with him and eat dinner with him where she is fed until she is so satisfied and then she carries all her leftovers home for her and her mother-in-law which lasted for weeks and weeks.  This is the background of this word.

What the Lord was saying to me is this ‘Boaz’ in the fields now.  This Boaz is out looking for those who he can redeem.  Boaz is looking for those who he can minister not only forgiveness but restoration. Boaz is looking for the poor of spirit; Jesus is out looking for those who are desperate and broken.  In their poverty of spirit they are looking for favor in God’s eyes.  They are standing with transparency in the sight of God revealing everything true about them; where they have been; what they have done and in all of this hoping God would still have favor on them.  No more pretense, no more faking no more hiding but with the spirit of desperation and transparency, being open and honest with him about where they had been who they are and what their story is; all looking for refuge under the shadow of his wings.  These are the ones – these transparent broken desperate people are the ones who have a good report in heaven.  Their fame has gone forth into heaven and has tenderized the heart of Jesus.  These are the ones whose chance will chance upon the grace of God and God sees their heart.  There are no more pretenses, there is just an open brokenness, a spirit of repentance and desperation, and their chance will chance upon the fields of Boaz upon the fields of Jesus and His grace.  Not only is he looking to let them know that they are forgiven, he is looking to redeem them out of their situation, he is looking to restore them, to overrule for good their loss and restore them with everything God had intended for them. To bring them to a time of new beginnings, to redeem their circumstance so much so that he will so fill them and so satisfy them under the shadow of the wings of the almighty, that there will be such an overflow of grace to others.  By their redemption and restoration their ministry will come forth and their ministry will be an extension of the ministry of Boaz – to minister to those who are truly broken and wounded.

This is an important word for those who have felt disenfranchised where the enemy has been telling them they have made mistakes and put themselves in a position where God could never do for them all the things they hoped he would do.  What the Lord wants us to know is Boaz is out in the fields now searching – looking for the poor in spirit – looking for the repentant broken desperate ones who are seeking the favor of God.  Looking for refuge under the shadow of his presence; wanting to know there is a place welcome for transparent repentant hearts.  They will find the disposition of the poor in spirit, will place yourself in the fields of your Boaz to be not only embraced but accepted.  He will embrace you, he will ask you to fellowship with him and he will fill you and satisfy you to overflowing.  Redeemed, restored – loss overruled for good with His redemptive purpose and plans.  Overflow to overflowing so that others will have redemption through the overflow of your life.

Given 8.27.13