Being Intentional

A Healing Testimony from a Weekday Prophetic Healing Service at Christ the King, Selma, AL
by Ron Roberts

During my last visit to the states, I spent most of my time in Selma. It was an awesome time for me because it created this sense of anticipation daily because of the Noonday Eucharist (Prophetic Service), where God does miraculous things at all times!

I was serving at the noon service one day in early February 2014. Bishop Chuck had a word of knowledge about hands and wrists being healed that day. I had just hurt my right wrist to the place that I could hardly hold anything in it. If I turned my wrist a particular way, whatever was in my hand was, basically, going to drop out of my hand. Just real, real pain. There were some things I needed to do that required my right wrist so when Bishop said that about wrist, I said, “Well, I am getting prayed! This is for real.”

Even though I was serving at the altar for communion, I threw everything down and said “You guys got this. I’m getting prayer!” Bishop prayed for me, which is really unusual. The Lord usually has someone else pray for me so I don’t get hung up on “only the Bishop’s prayers work”. As he prayed, I felt the bones moving in and out and I was thinking, “That doesn’t work. How’s that work? Wrist bones don’t do that, they go back and forth not in and out!”

My wrist got to feeling a whole lot better and I was thinking, “Oh! Man! God’s healing me!” Then two hours later it was hurting me even worse. So I began going through this thing all day. “What’s the deal going on here, God? I thought You did but now it’s like You didn’t do it.” I am just freaking out in my head.

The next morning, was talking with a friend about some issues she needed prayer for. She is like me. She’ll put things off and not get prayer thinking, “Well, God can heal me. He doesn’t need someone to pray for me, ya know.” All that kinda stuff that we all do, I think. As I was talking with her about her need, I told her my wrist was still bothering me and said, “Let me tell you one thing, Bishop Chuck is not leaving the church today until he prays for my wrist again and that’ all there is to it! I’m tired of this! I was better so why is it worse now?”

I went to church and during the ministry time, I was standing there waiting for The Lord to tell me when to go to be prayed for when I heard my wrist “POP”. “This is so COOL!” It was healing so I put my hands behind my back twisting my wrist in every way I could to see if was really healed. I spoke to God asking, “How does this work? What’s this all about?” And He said, “You were intentional.”