The Heat is On. 8/5/11

The Heat is On (7-28-11)   I got this word initially seeing a picture in the Spirit of a person who is writing a story for a newspaper, and it’s in the evening.  The deadline to have the story finished so it can be published is at midnight, so he’s under a lot of pressure. […]

Pray for New York City 8/1/11

Pray for New York City 8/1/11 About 4 or 5 weeks ago I had this real burden probably 4 weeks ago this burden for New York City.  I began to pray for New York City and had some key people praying for New York City and I’m not sure exactly what’s going on.  I know […]

Greece/ Whose to blame 8/1/11

Greece/ Whose to blame 8/1/11 As many of you might be aware that the country of Greece has been on the news often, almost daily for many many many many months now because there going through a financial meltdown.  In the natural, there are many reasons for that financial meltdown. Primarily because they’re in too […]

20/20 Vision 8/3/11

About two weeks ago I got this word about 20/20 vision. He said that we are in a time where people are going to have 20/20 vision when it comes to spiritual things. People will be able to see more clearly into the ways and heart of God. Many will start getting prophetic stuff who […]


For the last week or so the Lord has put Tunisia on my heart to be in specific intercession for them. Over the last few days He has added Algeria to that burden as if they were twins.

The Glory Mission 8/2/11

On March 4th, the Glory satellite failed to reach orbit ,and the Glory mission failed. Now the American space program has been shelved. In this spiritual season that we have already entered into you have an opportunity to to join Gods space program that has not been canceled, but instead has been accelerated. The Glory […]

Charlotte 8/1/11

Charlotte N.C. Is one of the powerful home bases for ministry in our country. A few years ago after the financial meltdown in our country, Charlotte was devastated because of so much dependence on Wachovia. Charlotte is the home base for Wachovia and much of it’s economy has been tied to that corporation. Before the […]

England 8/1/11

England has been on my heart for a long time, especially London. England and especially London have a very significant place in our times. England is both a target for the powers of darkness and for the spirit of the Lord. I believe that all of England is particularly vulnerable to terrorist attacks. I also […]

Tunisia 8/1/11

About a week ago the Lord put the nation of Tunisia on my heart as one of those places to pray for. There is so much unrest in that part of the world that I do t know why specifically Tunisia. He knows, and that is enough for me. Tunisia overthrew its government months ago, […]