Join the Union

Join the Union May 31, 2011 The Lord is saying that at this time, when so much is at stake, we need to ban the spirit of independence and join the Union. It is time for us to stop disdaining the church and realize that though we have a personal relationship with Jesus, we don’t […]


Pakistan earthquake 5/28/11 The Lord showed me that there was an earthquake coming to Pakistan, a devastating earthquake. I can’t say for sure that I know this is a physical earthquake, this could be an earthquake other than literal. The Lord did show me that there is an earthquake coming and that there are things […]

False religions

False religionsMay 24, 2011 The Lord showed me that especially in America, but not just in America, in Europe as well as other places like Africa, that there are false religions that are rising up, disguised as biblical Christianity and they are not. We must be careful during this time of emerging revival that we […]


Mayday 5/2/2011   The 2 most important days in the satanic calendar for satanic worshippers are Halloween and May the 1st, known as May Day. The may-pole dance that children participate in is a demonic act of worship. On this day, May 1st, one of the 2 most evil days in the satanic calendar, Osama […]

It’s Time to Rise Up

It’s time to rise up It is time to rise up and launch an assault in the heavenly realm, against the strongholds, the kingdom of darkness in your life. It’s time to launch a rebellion and overthrow the trespasser king and to establish the rule of the rightful king and his government. It’s especially time […]

Pray for Turkey

I had a vision yesterday where I saw a dark cloud over a turkey. I asked the Lord what it meant and He said there is a dark cloud coming over the country Turkey. Let us pray for God’s redemptive purposes to be accomplished.

Word on “Hell-Storms”

Word on “hell-storms” On April the 9th, I was coming to the end of a long journey of ministry and travel that had been going on for about 3 months.  That particular week, on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, I had been to Flat Rock, NC doing a clergy retreat and then left Flat rock on […]

5/26/11 Massachusetts

Word on Massachusetts I heard the Lord say this morning that Massachusetts was in the cross-hairs.  I don’t know if that represents spiritually, because there is a lot of heretical stuff there, new age stuff, whenever you  hear of Massachusetts, or there’s some natural thing, a natural disaster thing that’s going to happen there or […]

A Joan of Arc time 5/24/11

A Joan of Arc time I believe that we are in a Joan of Arc time.  Joan was 12 years old when she had her first prophetic vision.  She saw 3 saints in a field telling her that God would use her to drive the English out of France, who were trespassers on the French […]