August and September Carry Positioning Alignments 7/31/15

August and September will carry significant alignments that can bring dramatic postionings, both good and bad on the earth. Blowing the trumpets of intercession can affect these things. Some of this positioning will look like baby steps, but they will be the beginnings of historical partnering. We must be on the alert to these little obscure “star of David” signs, and ask for the discernment to know which ones to bless, or curse in our weeping at the alter. The Enemy is a gorilla fighter, though His day in the sun is emerging, and therefore alliances done in the dark of night will require the most attention of the “Poet Warrior” intercessors. There will alignments that will happen in the light also, but most of them, though not all, will not carry near the weight that will be initially reported.

There will also be righteous alignments, in this cosmic chest game. Those are to be blessed and empowered for expansion, through the prayers of the saints.

Look for these alliances, both good and bad, to be in the political, governmental, social, financial, philosophical, military, and societal realms.

There will be lots of repositioning in other irrelevant arenas. They will serve as signs to us to stay on the alert that we are in an ALIGNMENT SEASON. There could be huge attempts at merging in the business or media realm. These too, will require our attention, whether to bless or curse.

There will be a lot of new alignments in the Church also. At least those alignments will begin during August and September. These will be some of God’s brilliant counter moves as He positions everything to serve His purposes. Remember that He who sits on a throne high and lifted up, is working all things after the council of His will.

Look for personal alignments to come. Restorations, renewals, reviving of relationships, and removals, and realizations of longed for relationships. Re-entries of lost or broken relations. Pay attention to all the “out of nowhere” remembering of someone. It will be a spiritual alignment to either contact-to-impact that person, or criticall timely intercession.

AS A SEPERATE WORD: Pray against fires in the natural, especially in cities.