Aslan Roars 3/23/12

Yes, being Born Again means so much more than most of us realize. It means we’ve become new persons; new creations, who have a fresh chance at life, to get it right this time. How many people would love to be born over again and do life better. What if people could be born over again with whole new supernatural equipment on the inside so that they can live a whole different kind of life than they’ve ever lived before. This is the Good News; to get a new shot at life, to have a fresh start, but this time with an ability that comes from Heaven, and is therefore supernatural, so this new life you live is a supernatural one. From a fallen creature whose internal equipment is all natural fallen flesh, to now being a supernatural creature who has the life and ability of Jesus to live life. What a hope. What a Gospel. Do you believe it. If you don’t, you’ll never enjoy it, though you have it. Do you believe it when you are talking to the Lost. Can you tell them with certain, experiential faith that they can be Born Again into a new person who can live a miraculous life that works. Wow!!! This Good News really is a good news that brings Great Joy. If this is actually true, then we can go to bed every night joyfully encouraged about the day we just lived, and filled with hilarious anticipation about the day to come. Have a great day, an awesome day, celebrating this second life you’ve been given.