Aslan Roars 3/22/12

I come to the conclusion that the one message Christians need to hear is about being Born Again. You might say, but isn’t that the one message Christians don’t need to hear, since if they are a Christian they are already born again. Well, the problem is, many, if not most don’t seem to have a clue what being born again is, even though that is what they say they are. Most believers would equate being Born Again with conversion and forgiveness. It’s when they became a true Christian. It’s when Jesus came to live in their life. O-k-a-y?, but what does that mean, and how does it affect how you live everyday, not just how you die, and where you go when you do.
Being Born Again does mean being forgiven, and hallelujah for that. It’s so wonderful to know that you are no longer under judgement, and that you can enjoy and celebrate the unconditional love and acceptance of God. As a result you have an inheritance stored up in Heaven that no one can take away. Just these two things are enough for us to worship Him forever, but there is more. When your Born Again you are just what those words imply. You are given a new shot at life as a totally new person with new supernatural equipment to be able to live a whole new kind of life that is completely different than how you lived before. If God just forgave you, and guaranteed you a place in Heaven without making you a new creation with totally new equipment that has its supernatural origin from Heaven, then you’ll just mess things up as bad as you did the first time around, before Christ. You are Born Again. A whole new life is yours. It’s not a new life just because you now like to go to church, and like new kinds of music and people, and Jesus. It’s a new life because you supernaturally don’t act like you used to. On the inside you see differently, feel differently, think differently. You react to things and people differently than the person you used to be. There seems to be something miraculous about your life from the inside out. Its getting late so we will talk more tomorrow. Have a great day In Christ being Born Again.