Another Fire and Ice Example 2/14/14

This past Sunday January 12th I gave a word about Fire and Ice. He said we are coming into a Fire and Ice time during 2014. Fire representing the activity of The Holy Spirit, and Ice representing hardened cold hearts toward the things of God. An Isaiah 60 time when the light will get demonstratively brighter and the darkness demonstratively darker. A lot of good stuff and a lot of bad stuff. The good will be so good though, that it will be a time of great rejoicing within the hearts of His people. 13 is the number for “Double Portion,” so 14 is beyond the Double. So many pray for the Double of the Book of Acts, but God wants to take us way beyond the Book of Acts; way beyond the Double. Yet in this time of Holy Fire there will be lots of Ice. This will be reflected in the Natural as prophetic things often are. There will be lots of Cold (Icy things) and lots of fire. I noticed today the wildfires being reported in California. The Lord said on Sunday that the Fire and Ice will continue. I expect to even see fire on Iceland. It’s a great time to be a Christian on Earth, but it could also be a little frightening if God wasn’t reigning, and if He didn’t give us prophetic heads up so we have insight as to what is happening. It’s certainly isn’t going to be boring.


‘Craziest snow photo I’ve ever seen’: Fire and ice on NC road leads to surreal scene
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