Ancient Wars 4/17/12

There have been ancient wars that have never officially ended. Some of you have been at war with your Brothers and Sisters In Christ for many years. Even though open hostilities have ended, you are content with no Peace Treaty. Without the Peace Treaty, the war continues, and the hostilities still continue in the depths of your heart. Because, of these ancient Wars that won’t be publicly declared “OVER”, many of you are suffering unnecessary losses, and are causing others around you in the Camp to exist outside of Gods’ favor at some levels. Tolerance is not peace. We are called to love one another, not tolerate one another. Love flows from peace. I heard the Lord saying in a very loud and serious voice, “I am growing Intolerant with those are content with living in Tolerance, and not Love.” I’ve never heard the voice of God quite so firm. We live in such a strategic time of taking ground for the great move of God that He longs for, that we can ill afford to have the sin that God hates the most, to remain in the Camp. Your personal war is now costing your church or even your city. It is time to come in Union with the wounded heart of Christ, which is a burning furnace of mercy, and allow the love of Jesus to flow to the very ones that have wounded your heart. The wounded heart of Jesus remains open. It isn’t covered over with protective scar tissue. This is a very critical time for those of you who have pretended peace with your perceived adversary, even those there has been no treaty. It is past time for you to come to peace. It is time to go to to them and declare peace; to officially proclaim to them the war is over. It is time to forgive from the heart, and in union with the vulnerable heart of Jesus, love them openly. This could be the lynchpin to the breakthrough in your life, and to the spiritual community around you.