An Isaac time 2/15/12

The Lord told me last week that we are living in an Isaac time. If you remember, both Abraham and Sarah laughed at God, when after 25 years of initially giving the word of promise concerning Abraham’s seed, God reiterated it when Abe tried to offer Ishmael as the solution. As a matter fact Abraham fell down on his face and laughed at God. He was a 100 years old now, and Sarah was 90 and had been barren all of her life. The situation was more impossible and hopeless now than it was 25 years earlier when they first got he word. Everything changed though when they heard something that is recorded in Gen.18. After Sarah laughed the Lord said in verse in 14, “Is anything too difficult for the Lord.” I believe it is at this point they finally got it. It wasn’t, and never had been about them being able to produce a child. It had always been about Gods ability to do the impossible to keep His word. It’s says in Rom.4 that when Abe was about 100 years old He finally believed (again, that’s 25 years after he got the word). It says that in hope against hope, he believed. Looking at hopelessness straight in the eyes, he pushed back with hope, which gave life to faith because he now was fully persuaded that God was able to keep His word. In Gen.17 God told them to name the child Isaac which means He (God) Laughs. God always gets the last laugh. There of many of you who have held on to promises God has given you, and yet the situation seems more hopeless than it did when you first got the promise. Its important that you don’t waver in unbelief, no matter what the enemy tells you as he points out the situation in the natural. Push back. Throw back your head and laugh the laugh of hope and faith. You will see God get the last laugh.
We will also see this in the affairs of men and nations. Don’t despair by what your eyes see. There will be a lot of heartbreaking things happen around us, but we will see God getting the last laugh. Things will seem to go one way and then God will get His laugh. Even when we see world affairs being influenced by the powers of darkness, know that those things too will come under the laughter of God. We will the Elderly, and others who have been afflicted in minds and bodies for decades manifest the Laughter of God as they get healed in an instant when logic would say after all these years it’s hopeless. In this time of growing challenge and darkness we will Aslan’s Laughter rise up and grow stronger and stronger, and the Church will join in resounding praise in concert with the Laughter of God.